Dear PGS Statement Receiver,

Firstly we hope you are well and taking all necessary precautions to keep you and your loved ones well.

 We thought it would be helpful to share the Coronavirus contingency measures the Parish Giving Scheme are putting in place to continue to support giving to your parishes.

We have put precautions in place in the event that circumstances are such that the PGS Team are forced to operate remotely and the PGS Office is closed.

 The PGS team intend to continue working in the PGS offices for as long as possible, so for now it is business as usual.

However should a situation arise and we are required to close the PGS Office, the PGS Team have the ability to operate remotely in a secure private cloud environment.

Therefore please be assured that:

  • All existing regular gift instructions will be claimed and returned to your parish bank account as you would normally expect on the 10th of the month.
  • PGS will continue to submit the monthly Gift Aid claim to HMRC for all existing eligible donors.
  • As with our existing practise, once the PGS receives the Gift Aid payment from HMRC we will pass the payment directly to your parish bank account
  • The PGS will be able to administer changes to existing donations.
  • The PGS team will be monitoring the email inbox and managing telephone calls.

Please note, that in the event of remote operation, the PGS will not be receiving postal deliveries or collections and will therefore be unable to:

  • Process any new gift forms
  • Administer any changes to existing donations communicated to us by post
  • Issue any written communications that would normally be sent by post including postal statements and thank you letters.

Please can we ask that you help your donors by encouraging them to contact the PGS for gift administration preferably by email as this will be the most efficient line of communication during remote operation.

Rest assured we will be providing you with further updates as the situation evolves.

On behalf of the whole PGS team, we wish you well in these uncertain times.

Best wishes



Helen Richardson

Chief Executive Officer

Parish Giving Scheme