Frequently Asked Questions 2

 What next?

How do I go about signing up to the scheme?

You will need to obtain a gift form from your church. Fill out the form as clearly as possible. Detach the form from the information leaflet following the cutting line and post it to the address given at the bottom of the form.
Important: It is essential to complete all sections of the gift form in particular ‘Church / Parish name / Diocese of and Parish code’. Without this information in full the PGS cannot process your gift.
Note: We welcome gifts from couples, so if you wish to make a joint gift please write the correct joint titles in the ‘other’ box. For the purpose of Gift Aid however the signature of just one individual who pays sufficient tax to cover the gift is needed.
Please add your title in the Gift Aid signature box so the PGS Team know which individual the declaration belongs to.

Then what can I expect?

Within 10 working days you will receive a letter confirming your personal details, the level, frequency and date
of your first gift and the parish you wish to restrict it to. Please check this letter thoroughly to ensure that all
the details are correct.

In this letter you will receive a PGS reference number (located below the address) which needs to be retained
by you, and quoted in any future communication you have with the Parish Giving Scheme.
There will also be a bank reference code which begins with ‘PGS Thank You’, and ends with a unique number code.
This is the description which will appear on your bank statement when each gift is given.

How will the Parish be notified of the donation?

The parish will receive your gift in our parish bank account 10 days after the gift was received by the PGS. In addition your parish’s Planned Giving Representative receives a statement detailing all the gifts given through the PGS. This information is treated as confidential.
If you decide to remain anonymous only the amount of the gift will be shared with our Representative. We wish to encourage you to remain known to your parish's Representative, so that they can thank you and avoid mistakenly approaching you in the future to consider a regular gift to your church.

I currently give by standing order; how do I stop this?

Unfortunately the PGS are unable to cancel a standing order for you, only you may do this. If you bank online it is very simple to do through your online account, otherwise you will need to contact your bank and check their procedure.

How do I go about changing my gift in the future?

We know that circumstances change and your ability to give may increase or decrease over time. If you wish
to make a change please notify the Parish Giving Scheme quoting:

• Your PGS reference number (found below your address on PGS correspondence)
• How much your existing gift is for
• What you would like it changed to
• When you would like this change to be brought into effect

Should you wish to have a confidential conversation about your options in changing your gift, please don’t hesitate to contact your parish giving representative or the Parish Giving Scheme.

Note: For administrative reasons the Parish Giving Scheme cannot make any changes within 10 days of the next gift date. You will receive written confirmation of any change you have requested within 10 days.