Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t our Diocese set up a Direct Debit scheme?

The organisations bank sets specific criteria and one of those criteria is that the turnover should be over 1 million pounds - a system could be set up by your Diocese however Gloucester Diocese already have a database in place which saves any Diocese that joins the Parish Giving Scheme having to invest in expensive set up costs.


Do Parishes & Dioceses need to ask permission to use PGS logos, images & text?

Please contact the Parish Giving Scheme should you wish to use PGS Logos, imagery or text.

We kindly ask that the Parish Giving Scheme logos and any other imagery associated with the Parish Giving Scheme is to be used in accordance with the following guidelines:

1. The Parish Giving Scheme four square logo is a trademark of the Parish Giving Scheme. The logo and any other images provided by the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the written permission of the PGS.

2. Except as stated in this policy, the PGS trademarks may not be used by any external organisation without permission. This permission will specify the terms and limitations of usage, and will apply to a single application or publication only.

3. Use of the four square PGS graphic logo must be accompanied by the unregistered trademark, TM sign, along with the words 'Parish Giving Scheme'.

4. The PGS logo must be an exact reproduction of the graphics provided and must not be altered in any way.

5. All images and text from the PGS website remain copyright of the PGS.  Information should only be accessed by authorised individuals and should not be distributed to those not authorised to access them.


Why can’t Gift Forms be photocopied?

The Parish Giving scheme needs to be able to demonstrate version control and reduce risks of circulating old version forms or out of date information.  

The PGS gift form contains useful information which is intended for the donor to read and hopefully reduce operational queries received by the small PGS admin team.  There is a risk that this information would become detached from the donor detail and mandate page if it is copied.   

We also wanted to portray a professional image and brand by providing the donor with a quality form (we have no control over the quality of a photocopy).    

The PGS is a direct debit originator with an approved service user number (SUN), we are only authorised to accept written direct debit mandates; an additional verification software package (with a cost) would be required to collect mandates via another source.  That said, this is another functionality we are exploring.    

When PGS was originally given a ‘SUN’ it was agreed with the bank that we would only accept and retain copies of original mandates to ensure we complied with the Direct Debit controls regarding mandate format.